• Osarimen Ukhurebor

Diversity in Color

It was all Color, poise, and an ambience of creative prowess at Michigan's biggest city of Detroit this past weekend as models stride down the runway showing Michigan's diversity at the Masonic Temple. We took a trip around the world from the Orient to the Middle East, Africa to the West in a perfect grandeur of enticing Couture. Enlightened we were with the diversity the state has to offer in a time when the Nation and the world in its' entity needs to unite. A night of elegant glamour it was and a perfect show of craftsmanship at its' finest. This felt like Milan, New York or Paris Fashion week as the designers presented apparels for their collections in the forthcoming season.

Never has there been a show on stage, on one night to show the culture that encompasses a collective from around the world. This makes me to conclude the country in focus and the world at large needs to learn that we may be diverse, but our creativity and strive for perfection unites us in the things we love the most. Michigan Fashion Week is here to stay and claim it's spot in the World Fashion Calendar.

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